Red is the new black?


Monday morning I noticed a red rash appeared on Muffy. Throughout the day it spread, along with it came fever & chills. By Tuesday it looked like a rash tube top that was so painful. By Tuesday evening, it was getting even more intense. Wednesday morning I called Mounds. I could tell he was impressed when I flashed him. He was also stumped. He asked if he could bring in a colleague to take a look. Sure, why not? Seems like every medical professional in Sonoma County has seen me topless sometime in the last two years. I would hate to leave one out. The colleague was equally as impressed by my red tube top (which was becoming a tank top). He wanted to do a punch biopsy.
The thought of a needle puncturing my new painful red tank top was not my idea of a good time. Mounds must have recognized the look of ‘oh, hell no!’ on my face. He suggested a different treatment first. I would have hugged him if it would not have hurt like nobodies business.
Mounds thought that maybe the procedure I had done last month might have been the source of the issue. During that procedure a large amount of special antibiotics were placed directly in to Muffy. That could have set up a perfect storm for my fungal friends to host a rager.
I was started on an oral anti-fungal and a topical ointment. Now I hope my fungus is not having any more fun.
I posted a photo of a small section of the rash. It looks worse on my chest, but let’s face it, does anyone outside of the medical community want to be subjected to that kind of visual trauma? I think not. You can thank me later.
Have a great day everyone. I will keep you updated.


  1. Red will not be the new black because it’s not going to be here long enough to earn that title. There! I’ve spoken. I’m thinking of a positive about this and the only thing I can come up with about red is that it’s a color of wealth. So, let it mean that you’ll be rich in good health once this heals. 🙂 Seriously Gen, jingles to get past this really, really quickly. Hugs (air hugs) and love are added too.

  2. I agree with Pam, Gen. I pray you get past this quickly as well. I can imagine it hurts to even have air touching it. 😦 Please know you remain in my prayers. You’ve come so far. Your such a champion in so many ways. I admire you so much. Your one hell of a fighter. Keep it up.

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