Even more surgery. Goody.

Met with Dr Mounds this morning.  We discussed the next step in my ridiculously long, drawn out battle with this stupid cancer.   Next up is a Tissue Transfer.  Trust me, you do not want to Google that.  I am so sorry I did, there is not enough brain bleach to make those images go away.

Mounds busted out the magic marker again.  When he saw my abdomen he remarked that he had plenty to work with.  Really???  Another fat comment.  Lucky this guy is a genius or I would have slapped him upside the head.   Then the coloring began.  As he doodled he talked about cutting this, slicing that, tunneling tissue from my belly, up to my hole that used to be my left breast.  When he started talking about removing a section of a rib to reveal underlying vessels, I checked out and went to the happy place in my mind where they serve chocolate and Cosmos.

Bottom line is that in the next month or so I will have the first surgery.  This one is just a prep procedure for the really big show.  Something about cutting some blood vessels, muscle or whatever in my abdomen.  This is going to help the blood supply when they reroute those vessels from my belly to my boob in the main surgery, which will be a week later.  

The main surgery is a doozy.  6-8 hours on the table, approx 5 days in the hospital.  Once I get home it will be an 8 week recovery.   When I get home I will look like an octopus with all the stinkin drains I will have.  This is going to seriously impact any holiday cheer around here.  It would be nice to be able to put this off until after the first of the year but that is unlikely.  I might as well get all of this done in 2013 before all of the new insurance regulations kick in.   Heaven forbid my insurance company drops me and I have to rely on ObamaCare to put me back together.  Yikes.  That thought is scarier than cancer.