My name is Genevieve Ghilotti.  I have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and decided to track my journey with this blog.

I am so lucky to have a wonderful family and a group of amazing friends that are here to support me as I stumble my way through this process.

My life has always been about family and animals (not always in that order!).  My husband is very tolerant of all of chaos that goes along with sharing your home with 6 dogs, a lot of cats, an umbrella cockatoo and an African grey.   We live on a horse farm in Petaluma, CA where I breed and raise warmblood horses for the hunter ring.  My husband is an engineering contractor and president of Team Ghilotti.  I have 3 kids, Tom 27, Jennilee 24 and Tina 22.  Glen has 2 kids, Jennifer 25 and Kevin 24.   Tom and his wife Carrie are expecting a baby (my very first grandchild) in late March.   My parents and two sisters (Kathlene and Suzanne) live in California and we are a very close family.  I am so fortunate to have their support.

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