Round two of Taxol

Yesterday was my second Taxol infusion.  Everything went smoothly.  I snacked on grapes and watched the Price is Right for the first hour and then slept for the other 4 hours!  I guess this fighting cancer thing makes you tired.  Of course I startled when I woke up, disoriented and most certainly drooling.  So pretty….  Fortunately everyone is so friendly in the chemo suite.  Nobody teased me (at least not to my face).

So, 6 treatments down and two to go.  That is until I get to start this ride all over again with surgery in 8-9 weeks and then the follow up chemo.  It is like the movie Groundhog Day.  The worst part is now I know what to expect when I have to get those darn drains pulled after the surgery.  Ignorance was bliss the first time around.  Now I am going to have to pregame, load up on drugs and alcohol before walking in to the doctors office to have those things yanked out.  Funny how certain things freak me out.  I am fine with the surgery.  Not thrilled but ok with more chemo.  Something simple like drain pulling?  Yikes.  I would be yanking out my hair if I had any left.

I don’t miss the nausea that I experienced with the A C portion of my chemo.  The Taxol is easier on my stomach but harder on my muscles and joints.  The muscle spasms can be pretty intense.  My wonderful husband ordered a swim spa for me.  Hopefully that will help ease the worst of the pain.

Have a great week everyone.

Biopsy results and a new plan….

First the good news, the biopsy results came back and my mole was benign.  Happy dance!!

Now for the new plan.  The decision has been made that I will go back in to surgery.  I finish chemo in 7 weeks, then they give my body 3 weeks to recuperate and then back in to surgery to remove deep muscle and tissue in an attempt to get clean margins.  I am comfortable with the new plan, a little surprised but still comfortable.  I am pleased they are being aggressive.  I might not need radiation.  I guess it depends on what they find when they start carving me up like a Thanksgiving turkey – I call dibs on the wishbone! 



What to expect when your husband owns a construction company!

What to expect when your husband owns a construction company!

Yesterday my daughters, Jennilee & Tina, took me for a massage. It was so wonderful! After that we met the rest of the family for dinner. As we were pulling in to the restaurant parking lot we saw a big sign board. It was flashing a message that read :Fight On, Mrs Huney. Happy Mother’s Day.
love Glen and the kids.
It was so sweet. I am such a lucky person.
I am doing ok on the Taxol. The nausea is almost nonexistent but there are other unpleasant side effects like severe muscle and joint pain. I guess if it is not one thing it is two.
Have a great weekend everyone. Happy Mothers Day.


My beautiful blanket!

My beautiful blanket!

This is the blanket that was made by Novato High School freshman. Their class handmade blankets for chemo patients. I love my blanket and have a renewed faith in the youth of today. Along with this gorgeous blanket, I received hand written notes from 4 of the students. A very special thank you to Karla, Dhalma, Joyce and Joel. You have made a very difficult time in my treatment so much more enjoyable. You should all be very proud of yourselves.

Taxol – take one

Today was my first Taxol infusion.   Other than being a very long day, it went well.  No allergic reaction.

Although Taxol comes with a variety of side effects, fortunately nausea is not one of them!  What a relief.  For the next eight weeks I will get to experience extreme fatigue, muscle & joint pain and diarrhea.   Fine with me.  I will take that over the nausea and vomiting any day.

I was given a beautiful blanket today while at chemo.  One of the local high schools had students make blankets for chem patients.  I love it and am so impressed that kids in school are being encouraged to do projects like this.  What a special treat.

I will get a photo of it to share.


Goodbye Mole!

Goodbye Mole!

Dr Mounds removed the mole. Can’t say that I enjoyed the procedure but it is over with and now I wait for the results.
He did not do the boob fill. Just colored on my chest for awhile.

Biopsy Day!

Today is the day I finally get my head examined.  People who know me realize this is a long time coming since I have always been a little crazy!  Seriously, today Dr Mounds will biopsy the suspicious mole on my noggin.  It is kind of a twofer deal (or maybe a threefer?) since I am also getting a fill job in my boobs.  So much to look forward to!  A needle in my head and then one in each breast.  I am living the dream here.

Chemo is kicking my butt.  It is taking longer and longer to bounce back after an infusion.  Really hoping that the Taxol I start next week will be kinder to my stomach.  On the bright side, I am losing weight!  My daughter says I am shrinking.  Not just mass but height as well.  Fabulous.  Oh well, weight is weight and I am better off without all the excess.  

I am wondering if my taste buds will ever come back.  It is so weird to know what something is suppose to taste like and it just does not measure up.  I have started rinsing my mouth with a hydrogen peroxide concoction.  The inside of my mouth and tongue look like something out of a science fiction movie.  Gross.

Time to get going.  Hoping for good news today!