Taxol – take one

Today was my first Taxol infusion.   Other than being a very long day, it went well.  No allergic reaction.

Although Taxol comes with a variety of side effects, fortunately nausea is not one of them!  What a relief.  For the next eight weeks I will get to experience extreme fatigue, muscle & joint pain and diarrhea.   Fine with me.  I will take that over the nausea and vomiting any day.

I was given a beautiful blanket today while at chemo.  One of the local high schools had students make blankets for chem patients.  I love it and am so impressed that kids in school are being encouraged to do projects like this.  What a special treat.

I will get a photo of it to share.


  1. Congrats on making it through your first day with Taxol! Hopefully the sessions will go faster in the future. I am so happy you won’t have to suffer through the nausea and vomiting – i’m with you. I’d take the other symptoms any day of the week too. Can they give you anything for the joint pain? And VERY cool about the blanket. That is awesome. You are right – it is super they are getting kids involved in such worthy projects. Can’t wait to see the photos! Get some rest – you sure have earned it!!! Love you sista!!!

  2. One down Gen and good riddance nausea!!! That blanket is worth it’s weight in gold. To think that these kids would make those, wow. There’s so much love and compassion in that blanket and you’ll feel it every time you cuddle up in it. Nice, nice, nice! Wishing you minimal side effects and a lot of “you” time.
    Love ‘n hugs!

  3. SO glad the day ended with such a sweet surprise of a blanket. That is awesome the HS getting our youth involved in doing for others. Enjoy the cozy blanket! Hope the side effects are not to bad, but I am sure they are better then teh nausea.

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