Finally met my granddaughter!

Finally met my granddaughter!

Baby Gwen with my sisters, Kathlene and Suzanne and me.
Spending the weekend with my son, his wife and baby Gwen was just what the doctor ordered! It got me in a very positive frame of mind and ready to tackle the next round of chemo.
Today is an infusion day. The final AC dose. Farewell Red Devil! After this I move on to the Taxol.
I had an appointment with Dr Mounds recently and he took a look at the mole on my head. He wants to biopsy it. So next week I will go in for a boob fill and a mole biopsy. That is a lot of excitement for one day. I am just sorry I won’t be able to see all of the doodling he loves to do since it will be on my head.
I am feeling pretty good. Hard to get enough energy to do all of the things I want to do. I am spending more and more time resting. The dogs like that.
Have a wonderful day and I will post again after chemo.

Round 3

This morning found me in a bit of a funk.  I made the mistake of looking in the mirror.  My reflection was not there.  It was the reflection of an old man.  That is what I look like now.  Almost completely bald except for the spiffy, scraggly mohawk that has decided to stay and fight the evil chemo.  Then there is the fact my boobs jumped ship in Feburary.  Combine that with the fact my bones ache so badly, I tend to stand all hunched over.  So yes, I am the old man in the mirror.  

After my short lived pity party, I headed off to chemo.  Found the upside of being bald.  My Oncologist found a suspicious mole on my scalp and he wants it checked out.  Fortunately I know of a great specialist so I will get that set up.

My liver values are back to completely normal.   My blood work is all within normal range so I get the green light to head to the chemo suite.

The infusion was uneventful.  Just the normal side effects.  Very tired now so I will take a quick nap and be ready to (hopefully) welcome at least one new foal to the family tonight.  2 mares look promising.  I will report back if there is a new foal in the morning!

Tomorrow is shot day.  Have I mentioned how much I hate shot day?  That big needle that they plunge in to my stomach.  Makes me queasy just thinking about it.  I still have the numbing cream so I plan to frost my belly like a cake with that and cover it in plastic wrap 2 hours before shot time.  That should take some of the sting out of the injection.  I hope.

Have a great night!