Round 3

This morning found me in a bit of a funk.  I made the mistake of looking in the mirror.  My reflection was not there.  It was the reflection of an old man.  That is what I look like now.  Almost completely bald except for the spiffy, scraggly mohawk that has decided to stay and fight the evil chemo.  Then there is the fact my boobs jumped ship in Feburary.  Combine that with the fact my bones ache so badly, I tend to stand all hunched over.  So yes, I am the old man in the mirror.  

After my short lived pity party, I headed off to chemo.  Found the upside of being bald.  My Oncologist found a suspicious mole on my scalp and he wants it checked out.  Fortunately I know of a great specialist so I will get that set up.

My liver values are back to completely normal.   My blood work is all within normal range so I get the green light to head to the chemo suite.

The infusion was uneventful.  Just the normal side effects.  Very tired now so I will take a quick nap and be ready to (hopefully) welcome at least one new foal to the family tonight.  2 mares look promising.  I will report back if there is a new foal in the morning!

Tomorrow is shot day.  Have I mentioned how much I hate shot day?  That big needle that they plunge in to my stomach.  Makes me queasy just thinking about it.  I still have the numbing cream so I plan to frost my belly like a cake with that and cover it in plastic wrap 2 hours before shot time.  That should take some of the sting out of the injection.  I hope.

Have a great night! 


  1. The funk wasn’t fun but I’m glad you gave yourself permission to recognize it, express your feelings about it and move on. I’m thrilled that your liver levels are back to normal!!! Your numbing cream plan sounds like a good one and I’d surely try it too. A foal in the barn will be like a shot in the arm Gen. Oops! I shouldn’t even mention the word shot. Thank goodness that expression has good connotations Here’s to the mole being nothing and that your side effects will be minimal this time AND to one more treatment over with.
    Love and hugs!!!

  2. Oh Gen, I’m sorry it was such a rough morning. At the risk of sounding like Bill Clinton, I feel your pain and wish there was something I could do to take away some of your burden. That is terrific news about your liver values though. Definitely cause for celebration! What is the tummy shot for?

  3. Neupogen? Do you do it yourself or do you have to go it? I had to do it myself, I could never quite plunge the needle, which is a fat needle since the stuff is thick, so I kinda pushed my belly out into the needle.. Bone pain is such a deep pain 😦 But hey 3 treatments down , almost one month down ..

  4. Hey Gen,
    Love you so much. Your body is defending itself against a formidable force. She is going inside to heal and has to throw her exterior to the wind, temporarily. You are doing great and continue to inspire me and all around you. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow. Very, very proud to be your sister.

  5. And this funky day is almost over. Just smile back at that little old man and realize that he is only here for a short while. It’s wonderful to see you have some energy left to do some scooping in the stalls. You go girl. Love and hugs to you.

  6. Gen, as pam said, glad you took the time to recognize the funk and express it. How wonderful to hear the blood work was all still good and liver values back to normal. As for the mole, well lets hope its a no biggie. So 1 more treatment left behind you woo hoo! USe that cream. As for the old man look, well just laugh at him and tell him he is on his way out!

    Hugs my friend, you have so many here that admire and adore you. Hang on and let it out the funny and sad days. I too hope you have a adorable little foal to stare at soon.

    love ya girl

  7. You are entitled to pity/funk time we are all here for you!!!
    Normal liver enzymes major coup and blood work all in normal range that is terrific…. Know that you are not the reflection you see in the mirror Gen, you are the reflection of all who admire you here, on mare stare and those closest to you….
    Hope the numbing cream worked today!! 🙂

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