Finally met my granddaughter!

Finally met my granddaughter!

Baby Gwen with my sisters, Kathlene and Suzanne and me.
Spending the weekend with my son, his wife and baby Gwen was just what the doctor ordered! It got me in a very positive frame of mind and ready to tackle the next round of chemo.
Today is an infusion day. The final AC dose. Farewell Red Devil! After this I move on to the Taxol.
I had an appointment with Dr Mounds recently and he took a look at the mole on my head. He wants to biopsy it. So next week I will go in for a boob fill and a mole biopsy. That is a lot of excitement for one day. I am just sorry I won’t be able to see all of the doodling he loves to do since it will be on my head.
I am feeling pretty good. Hard to get enough energy to do all of the things I want to do. I am spending more and more time resting. The dogs like that.
Have a wonderful day and I will post again after chemo.


  1. Your radiance is contagious Gen! This is just the sweetest picture of all four of you. Happy = good! Hooray that you get to give AC the boot today. That’s major! Good thoughts that all will go well with Dr. Mounds next week and that the biopsy comes up clean. Rest is good too and I’m glad you’re allowing yourself the time to “chill with the pups”.

  2. Hi Granny! You look amazing and are doing great! Very happy to hear the nasty AC is out the door after today. Good luck today. I’ll call you later this afternoon. Love you sista!!!

  3. You are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. That positive attitude is wonderful (yes, granddaughters help!!). I ll be jingling still from the other side of the pond!!

  4. Gen, what a great picture of all of you. No doubt, Gwen and family is just what you needed to see you through today. Last AC treatment, prayers it goes well and no side effects this time. Keep this picture close to your heart and no doubt it will help. More prayers for the mole to be clean. Also so glad to hear you are listening to the pups and your body and actually are resting. Hang in there, you are all still here.

  5. What great news! Sounds like you’ve turned a corner and things are really looking up. It was wonderful to spend time with you, Gwen and the rest of the family.

    Love you!

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