Buzz cut


Today was the day that I let Jennilee and Tina shave my head.  I was starting to shed more than my yellow lab.  Even though I knew I was going to lose my hair, it was still weird to have it come out in huge clumps and handfuls.  It was difficult to look myself in the mirror after my shave.  I no longer look like me.  I look like Montel (my follicly challenged chihuahua).

On the positive side, I no longer need to shave my legs either!  Yep, that hair is abandoning ship also.  That will be my silver lining as I get used to my new look.

I am feeling a little better this time.  The doctors and nurses have been so good about treating the nausea.  Once again, better living through chemistry.  

Have a Happy Easter everyone!   I am going to enjoy a very relaxing day with my husband and wonderful kids.  




  1. You are looking good Gen. But then, I like short hair don’t I!!!

    Enjoy your Easter with your wonderful family. 🙂

  2. Gen, you might fee like you don’t look like you but I think you look stinkin’ cute! Your smile and your blue eyes are popping. Happy dance here that the treatment has been less troublesome. Happy Easter to you and all of your supportive family!
    Love ‘n hugs

  3. You still have your beautiful smile and eyes. You are so very brave and so lucky to have your sweet loving girls. Prayers always.

  4. Yep!!! I agree with the others Gen. You DO TO look wonderful AND like “Gen!” I hope you have a wonderful Easter tomorrow. You know, i’ve gotten so mad at my hair before i’ve threatened to shave it, get a magic marker and choose the color and the length by just drawing it on! 😉 Hey the plus side is for sure about not having to shave legs now!! how cool is that.

  5. You were right to shave your hair… you probably will lose all of it, but the shock won’t be as bad… my leg hair never fell off!!
    Enjoy Easter tomorrow. Short hair looks good on you!

  6. You look very Parisienne! You sure do look beautiful!! Wishing you and your family a very happy Easter.

  7. I love that fire in your eyes and did a crewcut in support of you and Ferne…

    Keep waggin! Laura


  8. The thing is, when you grow it again it will be very thick, lush and maybe a different color… a few gals looked like their high school pic, it was dark…and they still don’t need Loreal! :o}/

  9. Good morning beautiful sista! You look fantastic. So happy you are feeling better this week. Enjoy your wonderful husband and kids. Happy Easter! Love you, sp

  10. Hi, Gen.
    It’s been a while since I have been able to get here and post due to lots of things but it’s great to see that you are still keeping up the positive outlook. And those eyelash savers seem like a great bit of gear.

    You certainly do have two very thoughtful daughters – cake delivered on the premises to mark a special occasion – and you got some too. Great stuff. It’s the little ‘landmark’ occasions that will see you through this, that and the support of the great people around you.

    Give that cancer hell, Lady.

    You all have a wonderful day and a wonderful Easter. Best wishes. Deas.

  11. Wash and go! No more combing out the hay! Your hair was never what I noticed about you. It has always been your sweet and compassionate nature!

    You rock the warrior look! Stay strong!!!

  12. OMG, I havent been over here to check in lately. You look so darn adorable and as all have said your blue eyes and beautiful smile always catches me first. Keep smiling ! I am soooo glad to hear the Dr and nurses are in keeping the nausea in check.

    Stay strong and bless your daughters, they are definitly their mothers child, sweet kind careing.

  13. Showers will be unbelievably short.. the ultimate wash and go .. just remember , it’s just hair and it will grow back ; ) Mine started to grow back during the last 2 treatments, taxol is not as hard on the hair follicles..

    oh gosh I just remembered my nails got funky, they got loose, grow ridgy, white and red streaks .. so do freak .. the joys of chemo ((hugs))

    • Argan oil might be of benefit for nails. It’s from Morocco and for hair and nails.

      Keep waggin! Laura


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