It was cake! A cupcake at least.

It was cake!  A cupcake at least.

During my treatment this morning another patient came in. She was there for her 50th chemo treatment. She was such a delightful woman. My daughters, Jennilee and Tina, were with me while we chatted about side effects etc. Both girls excused themselves and then came back 45 minutes later with a beautiful orchid and cupcakes to celebrate my new friends 50th treatment. I am so proud of my lovely, thoughtful daughters.
Thank you girls. You did good.
So, I actually had cake at chemo today. They also added a new anti nausea drug.
Fingers crossed!
I have also been wearing tranquileyes during the treatments. They have cool gel inserts that can be frozen. The nurse says that by wearing the cold packs during treatment I will likely not lose my eyelashes! Yes! Love that. Thank you to my brilliant sister, Suzanne, who is the inventor, designer and CEO of EyeEco and tranquileyes! My eyelashes thank you.


  1. Yay! So proud of you and your beautiful daughters! Also delighted to hear the tranquileyes are helping to keep your beautiful blues sheltered by those great eye lashes!!! Here’s to the new meds… fingers and toes crossed for peaceful rest! love ya! sp

  2. Yes, cheers to your daughters, cupcakes, the new nausea med and definitely the Tranquileyes 🙂
    I still think you need a dog on your lap…

  3. The girls are wonderful!!! how nice of them to do that… AND you got a cupcake!! I hope the new anti puke drugs work and work well!! See now all you need at your next chemo treatment is a massage, a pedicure and a manicure. why not get pampered right?! Yep!!

  4. Look at you smiling with that cupcake. Who wouldn’t!!! Your girls are #1 in my book Gen. What a super nice thing to do and I’ll bet your new friend left there with a huge smile on her face. We’re doing the anti nausea dance here and hope the new meds work well for you. Tranquileyes…great “side effect” to using them. You sister has such a great product! Super hugs to you and the girls!

  5. Good going Gioletti girls! Cake makes everything better! My anti-nausea pills have really done the trick for me, but my chemo is pill form and taken at bedtime. I’ll pray that your anti-nausea pills have the same effect on you. Stay strong —- there is another side to this. I’ve been back to work for 4 weeks and am doing great. Just keep that upbeat positive attitude and all will be great.

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