Round two of Taxol

Yesterday was my second Taxol infusion.  Everything went smoothly.  I snacked on grapes and watched the Price is Right for the first hour and then slept for the other 4 hours!  I guess this fighting cancer thing makes you tired.  Of course I startled when I woke up, disoriented and most certainly drooling.  So pretty….  Fortunately everyone is so friendly in the chemo suite.  Nobody teased me (at least not to my face).

So, 6 treatments down and two to go.  That is until I get to start this ride all over again with surgery in 8-9 weeks and then the follow up chemo.  It is like the movie Groundhog Day.  The worst part is now I know what to expect when I have to get those darn drains pulled after the surgery.  Ignorance was bliss the first time around.  Now I am going to have to pregame, load up on drugs and alcohol before walking in to the doctors office to have those things yanked out.  Funny how certain things freak me out.  I am fine with the surgery.  Not thrilled but ok with more chemo.  Something simple like drain pulling?  Yikes.  I would be yanking out my hair if I had any left.

I don’t miss the nausea that I experienced with the A C portion of my chemo.  The Taxol is easier on my stomach but harder on my muscles and joints.  The muscle spasms can be pretty intense.  My wonderful husband ordered a swim spa for me.  Hopefully that will help ease the worst of the pain.

Have a great week everyone.


  1. I can’t tell you how much I admire your strength and determination! If only all of us Team Gen members could carry a little of your burden for you… The drain pulling sounds quite painful… is it possible you got a couple bad yanks the first time around? Premedication sounds like a good idea. Maybe they could even twilight you??? If they sedate people for dentistry why not for this? I think of you every day and am always sending lots of love and positive energy!! (I will send candy too if there’s something you’re hankering for!) xo Lorraine

  2. Lots of positives in your blog. And yes, more not-so-nice stuff to look forward to. Just take it one day at a time, accept all the help you can get, and enjoy the swim spa when it arrives. Luv ya….Judy

  3. Great job Gen! You are an incredible trooper and with your continued positive outlook, I have no doubt you will be crossing the finish line with amazing grace and that beaming smile. Love you so much!!! Can’t wait to lap around with you in the swim spa! Big audacious hugs! sp

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