Chemo is better with company!

Chemo is better with company!

Jennilee and Tina brought me lunch and visited while I was getting my infusion today. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family that is so supportive.
Today was my 7th chemo treatment. Only one more to go! In two weeks I will be done with this phase of my battle. My body is tolerating the chemo pretty well. I have the side effects but those are manageable. My red cell count is low – the lowest it has been since I started this journey. I was told to rest more and take it easy. I am pretty sure that means no housework, right? All those in favor? Done. No cleaning. Thank you chemo.
Tomorrow I meet with the radiation oncologist to get his opinion on the second surgery before/instead of radiation. I am all for the surgery but want the input of my whole team. Before I meet with him I will get the dreaded belly shot. I certainly won’t miss those suckers.
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Your girls are so wonderful. Not only for being with you while you have the infusion but also at home with the horses etc. Hey you know. I think your right about no housework!! That will sure work out nice! lol. I hope the “Belly shot” won’t hurt. Take care when you get home.. Hope to NOT see you much in the barn… Just sayin. 😉

  2. Awesome! Yahoo! Only one more to go in this chapter. Thanks to your beautiful girls for taking such good care of you! Auntie Suzanne is very proud too! And btw, great photo! You all look amazing! Have to say, the no housework part is sounding really good… Now that’s something to celebrate! Rest up, thanks for the great update and hope you have a great week too! sp

  3. Super photo! Thanks girls for taking such good care of Gen. No housework? I’m definitely in favour of that. Hey, I don’t do it anyway LOL! I like to see you in the barn – just to wave at us right?
    Yes, I hope the rest of your week is fantastic!
    Sending love and hugs……..Judy

  4. You sure look good Genevieve! And so do your sweet daughters. I’m glad you’re getting a much-deserved break for a while.

    Love you,

  5. The best news is that my chemo neighbor was talking about adopting a dog. Of course I had to recommend Petaluma Animal Services. Now it looks like one of our little dogs might have a new family this week. I love it when chemo has a silver lining.

  6. Gorgeous picture! Your girls are the best Gen and the three of you couldn’t look prettier Here’s to one more treatment AND to no housework. That’s surely the answer! We need to take that further though. In order to support you 100% on this journey, we ALL need to stop doing housework. 🙂 I have a feeling everyone will be on board on that one. Please rest well as we all send you energy. About that silver lining adoption, score for the team!
    Love and hugs,

  7. No housework… I never got that recommendation. Obviously you are doing something right. Thanks girls for taking care of your mom so well. Now, Daisy, cross your legs… One more… then a break!

  8. Hi, Gen.
    Yes, you do have a great support group/cheer squad. Re the sign, I guess it is handy having your own construction company when you want to do things like that. He IS a great guy but he’s also got a GREAT wife.

    It’s good to hear that the taxol is easier on your stomach. Re the ‘no housework’, you had best follow doctor’s orders.

    You look after yourself, you hear. People like you and your family are valuable assets to this planet of ours.

    You have a wonderful day. Best wishes. Deas.

  9. You look great Gen. Why am I not surprised you are working on rehoming a dog while in chemo? You amaze me……fight on indeed. All my best, Jeff

  10. Hey Gen, It’s been many decades since we cruised the halls of Sir Francis Drake, however, your smile radiates as I recall back in the day. I’m sorry for this hurdle, yet I trust you have the strength from deep within and with those close to you who love you. Here is a bit more from an OLD acquaintance who is watching with care and WISHING for your body to rebuild it’s health. XO, Andrea, class of 1981………………….and still having fun! Hang in there sister!!!

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