Even more surgery. Goody.

Met with Dr Mounds this morning.  We discussed the next step in my ridiculously long, drawn out battle with this stupid cancer.   Next up is a Tissue Transfer.  Trust me, you do not want to Google that.  I am so sorry I did, there is not enough brain bleach to make those images go away.

Mounds busted out the magic marker again.  When he saw my abdomen he remarked that he had plenty to work with.  Really???  Another fat comment.  Lucky this guy is a genius or I would have slapped him upside the head.   Then the coloring began.  As he doodled he talked about cutting this, slicing that, tunneling tissue from my belly, up to my hole that used to be my left breast.  When he started talking about removing a section of a rib to reveal underlying vessels, I checked out and went to the happy place in my mind where they serve chocolate and Cosmos.

Bottom line is that in the next month or so I will have the first surgery.  This one is just a prep procedure for the really big show.  Something about cutting some blood vessels, muscle or whatever in my abdomen.  This is going to help the blood supply when they reroute those vessels from my belly to my boob in the main surgery, which will be a week later.  

The main surgery is a doozy.  6-8 hours on the table, approx 5 days in the hospital.  Once I get home it will be an 8 week recovery.   When I get home I will look like an octopus with all the stinkin drains I will have.  This is going to seriously impact any holiday cheer around here.  It would be nice to be able to put this off until after the first of the year but that is unlikely.  I might as well get all of this done in 2013 before all of the new insurance regulations kick in.   Heaven forbid my insurance company drops me and I have to rely on ObamaCare to put me back together.  Yikes.  That thought is scarier than cancer.


  1. Thank God for your sense of humor. I’m sorry this journey isn’t over yet, but I know you’ll prevail once again. I’ll continue to pray for smooth surgeries and a speedy recovery, my dear sista!

  2. so you’ll get a tummy tuck and a breast ..whoo hoo 😉 I ain’t gonna lie , it’s going to hurt like a something something.. that’s why I chickened out doing it that way.. well that and they wanted to use my thigh 😐 since at that time it was where all my fat was.. now I have enough in the stomach area for two boobs..:p

    I hate, hate, hate that you have to go through this shit ..

  3. Seriously, thank Go for your sense of humor!
    I’m sorry you have to go through this again, but you’re right: get it done while you can. Hang in there, Gen. You’re definitely one tough cookie!

  4. Yes, I agree with everyone before me here. How can we make this better? Well, it brings you closer to the bottom of the list for all these procedures. Dr. Mounds will have to take a leave. Five days in the hospital, eh? Well, it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve brought drinks into a patient’s room. I’d throw a wink in here but it’s true. I hate too that you’re facing this and I’m sure we’ll figure out ways of upping the holiday cheer.
    Love ‘n hugs,

  5. oh Gen, I so want it to end for you! I am with Angie. I could have asked for reconstruction and I chickened out. I chose the outside prosthesis and never regretted it. I really really hope it will be the end of it and the pain will be bearable. I wanted to know the cancer was gone, I did not care about a breast or two! All the best Gen. Dr. Mounds will do wonders!

  6. Hi Gen, everything I feel & think has been already been said by the other ladies and I echo their sentiments. I try to understand why you are going thru this surgery, knowing you are young and beautiful. But you are young and beautiful today, a small section of your body will never define the whole of you, you are so much more. It is your decision and as always my prayers for you along with positive thoughts and gentle hugs will continue to follow whatever path you take.

  7. I sure agree with your Happy Place! I also agree with you that I shouldn’t have googled Tissue Transfer! 2014 and healing can’t come soon enough for you.

    Love and hugs…………Judy

  8. Gen, I am so sorry you have to go through more surgery, and one that sure doesn’t sound like a fun party. You humor, and wit sure hasn’t left you and it sure is what keeps you going strong. Thanks for the laugh on hearing the news we don’t like. You have so many people here that I think somehow the holidays will still be filled with laughter and fun. Ok you may not be up to cooking and cleaning, oh wait, that may be a good thing, you get out of all the work :). Seriously, We all here have your back, lots of prayers, gentle hugs. Be sure to listen and behave, allow your body to heal at its own pace. Let your family and friends spoil you, it is what you deserve for once! Lets put Gen first!
    Love ya my friend! Many miles away, but always close to my heart.

  9. Good morning sista! Dang oh mighty. You deserve the most incredibly peaceful, healthy, happy 2014! Like you said, while the holiday cheer in 2013 might be on the back burner, at least you’ll get the surgeries out of the way. I’m with everyone who has already posted. You have gone through so much already, with the best possible attitude and spirit… we all want to shout ‘ENOUGH ALREADY!’ Thank goodness for your strength, sense of humor and wonderfully supportive kids and hubby. Soon it will all be behind you and the world will look brighter than ever. Love you and always here for you! Rest up! sp

  10. Gen, I have been thinking of you a lot. I know it is your decision, but you have to ask yourself… are these two procedures meant to deal with the cancer or are they for cosmetic reasons? are they so Dr. Mounds can add a beautiful reconstructed chest to his portfolio? Is it REALLY necessary to put yourself through this? When I had a mastectomy in ’99, my surgeon warned me that reconstruction (esp. then) was not a “bed of roses”… I was the same age you are! I decided that NO, my body had had enough. Two breasts did not define me and I would not go through it. Now, it seems totally the norm to reconstruct… but at what price? I have lived with an external prosthesis since ’99 and I am totally fine with it. It may get hot sometimes in the summer, but it beats going through surgery after surgery, discomfort, pain, risk of infection…My decision was based on the fact that it was not cancer treating, cancer preventing, cancer anything. It was just cosmetic… and I did not feel it was worth it. I respect your decision if it is YOUR decision, not just what the doctor ordered next. Gen, I love you and admire you, but hate to see you suffer so much. There comes a time when you have to say enough is enough… esp. when it is NOT treating the cancer any more. I will support you in any direction, but I had to say this. And, in my case, I was afraid that an implant would hide a recurrence…. so last year, I was quite happy that we had a “clear view” and dealt with it quickly!

  11. You are amazing, all you have been thru and to maintain such an upbeat positive outlook… Totally understand the insurance issue with end of the yr and feeling ok to getting it done. Dr Mounds sounds like quite the anatomical reconstructive architect and craftsman!
    Continued prayers and good energies,!!! 🙂

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