After 11 days of snagging the tube on door handles, dog paws and occasionally Montel’s mouth, I am drainless and my drain is in the trash where it belongs. As much as I hated the drains I was dreading the removal. If you remember, I was quite the baby when I had drains pulled last time. My memory is a little foggy but I think I threw a punch at the doctor. This time around it was not so bad. Mounds took a more gentle approach, pulling slowly rather than the yank with all your might technique the doctor used last time.
I also had some of the sutures removed. All in all it was a good morning.
I am still getting used to the idea of looking down and seeing a dent where boobzilla once lived. This is the first time since this whole adventure began that I have not had some sort of expander or implant in there. Now it is just a ditch. Kind of weird.
I still have a couple more surgeries to look forward to. Going to give my body a break for a little while though. I think I start the Tamoxifen again in a week or two.
Now I am just trying very hard to get my mind cleared and my memory back. People warned me about chemo brain. They were right. It is frustrating not remembering simple things that should not even require a second thought. My long term memory is even worse but that is ok. There is a lot of stuff in my past that I would like to forget any way!
I have been using the site Lots of entertaining brain games.
Have a wonderful day everyone! Big week for me. I turn 50 on Thursday! 50!! Ouch. Maybe that has something to do with the memory issues.


  1. Yabadabado! Glad those suckers are out of there. Rest up sista and enjoy the last days in your forties… your fifties are going to be awesome!!! Rest up!!! Love you! SP

  2. well, drainless is better than brainless. I know about the memory lapses.. I cannot concentrate like I used to.
    I was also 49 when the dreaded disease knocked on my door… hope the tamoxifen helps… never mind the ditch… it does not bother me and I ‘d rather know there isn’t anything in there that is not supposed to be in there… ie implants. Celebrate Thursday!!!!

  3. Yay, I’m so glad you’re on the mend and able to enjoy some downtime for a while on this journey. Early Happy Birthday! With love from Kathlene, you remember, I’m your favorite sister, the nice one (taking advantage of those memory issues…)

  4. Fabulous Gen! Good riddance to those drains and thank you very much Dr. Mounds for making the experience less of a pain to remove the drain. I couldn’t resist the poetry. I know…lame and I’m a dork. 🙂 I love the news that your body will now get to rest and heal. Don’t wait until Thursday, start the celebration now.
    Love ‘n hugs,

  5. So much to celebrate this week! I so wish I was there to help.

    I watched a movie on the plane yesterday (Kinky Boots) and this guy put on his boobs (yes, and his boots) and they looked gorgeous!

    Luv ya……….hugs………..Judy

  6. Just thinking about the drain being pulled made me tingle and not in a good neat thing about you dent, you can feel your heart beat.. I was boobless for 7 years cuz I kept forgetting to have the surgery 😉 I know blame everything on my bad memory and even play dumb because of it.. get’s you out of conversations you don’t want to have…. so glad you are feeling better…

  7. Glad things went so well for you. Enjoy your recovery, follow doctors orders and allow yourself to be pampered!
    Thoughts/prayers coming your way for continues improvement in the days ahead…

  8. Hi, Gen.
    Good news, Lady. Feeling more comfortable and the drains gone – Great Stuff.

    Fifty ain’t such a ‘hurdle’ as it it’s sometimes made out to be. You likely won’t feel much different the day AFTER your 50th than you did the day before – except, in your case, hopefully even more comfortable. I’ve done 30, 40, 50 AND 60 and I’m heading for 70. None of the ‘EVENTS’ so far have been anything frightening and I don’t expect that the next one will be either. Hope you get LOTS of pampering AND the chance to rest up and enjoy it.

    I have just sent an e-mail to the ‘big fella’ with some memory training stuff that you might find interesting. In the meantime, just enjoy not being able to remember what it is that you would rather not remember.

    Just my 0.02.

    You have a wonderful 50th. That’s an ORDER! LOL.

    Best wishes. Deas.

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