Bye Bye Boobzilla

Bye Bye Boobzilla

Mounds to the rescue. I had an appointment with Mounds on Tuesday. As expected, he was not pleased with Lefty’s appearance. He hoped that skin grafts would be able to salvage my poor abused boob. He applied a wound dressing to it, started me on antibiotics and set up an appointment for the skin grafts on Thursday.
It felt so good to finally have someone take Boobzilla seriously.
I told Mounds that I was scheduled for a brain MRI the next day. He looked a little confused, asked if it was definitely an MRI not a CT scan. Definitely an MRI. He told me to cancel that since I have a tissue expander in my right breast that has metal in it. That might be a problem with an MRI. Good to know!
After 24 hrs on the antibiotics I already started feeling better. The pressure & chest pain started to subside. After 36 hours I could take a deep breath again. I was no longer clammy all the time. Unbelievable, after weeks of multiple doctor appointments, so many test and procedures, being told that the pain and discomfort I was feeling was due to a blood clot or my cancer spreading, I was improving just by popping a few pills. Thank God for Dr Mounds.
Thursday I went in for my skin grafts. I knew there was a chance that it would turn in to a bigger surgery if the skin & tissue was too damaged and necrotic to salvage with skin grafts. I woke up with a flat chest and drain tubes. Safe to assume that my procedure was not the easy peasy one we were hoping for.
Mounds ended up removing the implant that had been placed in the surgery before radiation started. The tissue was damaged all the way to the implant.
I am feeling so much better now. Some normal discomfort from the post surgery stuff and the pesky drain issues. Other than that, it is so nice to be back on the road to recovery, relatively pain free. Life is good!


  1. OMG, that sounds like good news to me. I wish I was closer and we could celebrate and give Boobzilla the send off it deserves!
    Love and healing hugs…..Judy

  2. Wow! I think we’re all loving Dr. Mounds about now. You knew what was going on with your body and he’s the one that listened and problem solved with you. I’m thrilled that you’ve come so far since your visit with him and then the procedure. I agree, a celebration is in order. Today’s another day of healing and it’s all good. 🙂
    Love ‘n hugs,

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