Graphic photo alert

Graphic photo alert

Here is the underside of Boobzilla. The discoloration is spreading. The black-yellowish area is now about 6-7 inches. It kind of oozes nastiness. This area was not initially blistered during treatment. It got red, but never got as painful as the other areas that blistered severely. It has been 3 weeks since my last radiation treatment. Why the heck is the burning getting worse? Poor Lefty is so painful, swollen and nasty looking. The doctors are not concerned. I see Dr Mounds again on Tuesday. Hopefully he will have answers.
Yesterday was my PET scan. Preliminary results are good. I will have a brain MRI on Wednesday and then will meet with the doctor to discuss all of the results.
I really think all of the pain is from something running amuck in my frankenboobie. It just does not seem normal to me. What do I know? Hopefully next week will be the week for answers.
Enjoy the weekend! Sorry for the graphic photo.


  1. Gen, no wonder you like “air hugs”! Let’s hope all that nastiness can be gone soon and you get relief from the pain. I’m sending as much healing power and Canadian Auntie Power than I can.

    Much love and air hugs………Judy

  2. I am hurting with you Gen. My burns were absolutely nothing like that. I really hope the doctors find out WHY you reacted like this to radiation… I still wonder about reconstruction before radiation… and a reaction due to the materials used. I also hope you can go back on tamoxifen,.,..

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