The Big Doozy


The big doozy.

Just going in for my hopefully last surgery for awhile. This is the one that includes a stay in what I am sure will be a luxury suite at Petaluma Valley Hospital.
For the first time since I got on this crazy cancer train I have some anxiety before surgery. I just keep thinking that my poor body has been through so much in the past 12 months. This will be my fifth major surgery in a year. Hoping that my creaky old body can handle this next one, the big doozy.
There is a huge reward for it if it decides to go along with the plan. Morphine. That is the gold medal at the end of this race.
My wonderful son Tommy is hanging out with me while we wait for them to wheel me back. He is resisting the urge to push buttons and turn dials on all the gadgets around here. Thanks Tom. Stay strong!
Alrighty, time to go to sleep. See you all later with my new improved boob and less ribs than I have now.