Officially ported!

After a long day of hurry up and wait, I am finally home.   Tina and I arrived at the hospital at 8:00.  My procedure was suppose to start at 9:30.   At 1:00 I finally got wheeled in to the cath lab for my port install.  I was on the table, plugged in to all the necessary wires and hoses.  Then I got the boot.  They had an emergency and needed my team.  Back to the holding area I go.   Another 45 minutes pass before we wheel back to the cath lab.   I get draped, taped and dozy while listening to the doctor and nurses chatter about previous patients.   The doctor asked if I would like to listen to music.  I suggested Snoop Dogg or Ludacris.  I got John Denver.  So close.   I thought listening to ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’  or ‘Get Back’  would be more entertaining.  I guess the guy with the scalpel gets the final vote.

Along with my pretty purple port I received a nifty bracelet and a key chain that announce to the world that I have a Bard Power Port.  Never one to pass up free stuff I asked if they had t shirts.  No such luck.

Yesterday was my meeting with the radiation oncologist.   SSDD.    My tumor was less than half a millimeter from my chest wall.  I am a good candidate for radiation after chemo.   There is a 15% chance of a reoccurring, if I get radiation it will reduce that chance by approx 60%.  Then he suggested I get a second opinion.  Why?  He says many people choose not to do radiation because of the side effects.  I say Nuke me.  My cancer is aggressive so my treatment needs to be also.

More tests to come this week.  The excitement never ends.



  1. Your card is full for sure. I have read that some people did not recommend radiation after implants as it could damage them. No idea, but I would ask. As far as radiation side effects, I had burns and my skin peeled, but nothing else. It was manageable and after surgery and chemo… a piece of cake really. Here you go, more cake to look forward to!

  2. What a crazy long day and John Denver to boot! He was great but this is task for bigger shoes in the music world. No tee shirts??? Helllllllllllllo! Oh well. The important thing is that the port is in and you can cross that off the list. Get those feet up tonight and ask the family for total room service. 🙂 I agree…think cake!


  3. Dang you’re funny! Thank goodness for your brilliant sense of humor, what a blessing. It really is the best medicine, right?

  4. I love John Denver-first album I ever owned. He keeps you wild ones mellow-I guess! So what, he’s a little depressing…! I was going to suggest ‘Cake’! A version of ‘I Will Survive’ I think you’ll love. If you haven’t heard it!!

  5. Glad you are doing so well! I love reading your posts. You are such an inspiration!! Keep up the good work! ❤

  6. You do realize that he put your port in on your starboard side eh! But that’s where he signed his name so that’s what goes. My neighbour loved her port! Easy peasy like cake for sure. And I love John Denver. Mellow, that’s me right?
    Love and hugs to you 🙂

  7. I’ve been checking in here to follow your progress an am thrilled to see your progress and wonderful attitude! You keep up that spunky attitude — that will do more to help you heal than all the drugs in Dr. Mound’s bag. I went back to work about a week ago and it feels great to be back and out of the house. I’ll keep you in my prayers for great progress and complete healing quickly!!

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