Back on track

Dr Mounds worked his magic and things are looking up.  Literally.  He did not gasp in horror when I flashed him.  Instead he took out his magic marker and started doodling on my chest.  Good Heavens that man loves to color.  He even mapped out exactly where he wants the port installed.  X marks the spot.  I took a photo of his artwork so I could show it to the port installer.  That way I can take a shower.

Next week is busy, busy with tests and procedures.  Monday I meet with the radiation oncologist.  Tuesday I get to be at the hospital bright and early for the port.  It will be done under conscious sedation.  That sounds like fun.  I will make sure my daughters take photos.  Later in the week I get an echo-cardiogram and then a chemo teach.   Looks like I am finally one of the popular girls with my dance card so full!  

The plan is for chemo to start the following week.