Now we have a plan

I now have a team.  Super.

Apparently my cancer is an aggressive one.  When I first saw my results I thought all of the negatives would be a good thing.  Nope.  My tumor is considered a triple negative which means it is not a hormone based cancer.  Supposedly harder to treat.  My plan calls for chemotherapy followed by a double mastectomy and radiation.  I am thinking that this cancer is going to seriously cramp my style.  Looks like my plans for taking a few of the young horses to some shows next month is not going to happen….

This morning I had a breast MRI.  It was cool.  If I liked techno music I would have bought the album.  It was a lot of repetitive tones, beeps and buzzes.  I could have sworn one of the tones was a robot repeating the word “bill, bill, bill” over and over for 5 minutes straight. Probably a subliminal message installed by the billing department.

Tomorrow I get the results.


  1. Gen, thanks so much for starting this blog. You have so many people who love you and are praying for you. Not only are you one of the bravest women I’ve ever met, you are also one of the funniest:-)! Sending lots of love your way xoxoxoxoxo Suzanne

  2. Gen, this blog is a great idea. You are so strong and brave. Keep your humor, and just know there are so many of us praying for your full recovery.

  3. Gen, this is such a wonderful idea and a big thank you for inviting us to follow your progress and stop in here for a visit. You are driven in your quest to kill this cancer and we’ll all be here to watch it run with it’s tail between it’s legs. Stay true to yourself in your conviction, your strength and your sense of humor that’s medicine in itself.

  4. I hate that you are dealing with cancer and all that goes along with it but you are a great story teller. The blog is a great idea for you to deal with it and to share.

  5. You have two teams. You’ve got your medical team who’ll be taking care of your treatment. And you’ve also got your support team, who is here to cheer you on, comfort you when you need it, tell jokes when you need them, listen when you need to vent, or to just simply be with you in spirit.

  6. I hate that this is happening to you, but know that we are here for you through thick & thin. You are one of the strongest people I know and you will get through this.

  7. you are a best friend…we have gone through alot together in this life time, and you have always been strong and brave through tough times and always made the best of it, you have always been the glue and the duck tape to hold all together…all around you, know and remember to lean hard on your friends…let us help…you are so loved by so meny…let us help.

  8. Gen, you are an amazing gift to your hubby and kids… and to all of us with whom you share your unstoppable spirit and beautiful soul.
    Thank you for sharing your strength with all of us!

  9. Praying for you Gen. This blog is such a great idea – a good outlet for you also I imagine. You’re strong and seem to have the right attitude which will help along the way. We’re all right behind you cheering you on whilst we watch you kick cancer’s butt 😉 love you.. Hazel xoxox

  10. I am jingling for you and hoping you have the best medical team working for you. Your support team is already hard at work and will continue. Do NOT hesitate to lean on those close to you who can help you with the barn work and dogs. Let your family spoil you! There will be hard times, but also good and positive times. Love and hugs.

  11. Just remember, Gen, you have cancer; cancer doesn’t have you! You are a warrior (and an very good writer to boot) and you will win the battle. You have an army behind you 24-7. I only wish I was closer. I would come hang out, bring you treats, and muck your stalls.

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