Plan B

Today was the day I got my results and discussed the plan to kick some cancer butt.  It is a good news, bad news type of deal.

Good news – I am going to lose some weight next week.   My boobs are about to be medical waste and will be replaced by something perky.  The decision has been made to do surgery first due to the results of the MRI (that will follow in the bad news!).  There was some talk about  just removing the left breast but it was decided to do both.  My right one would have boob envy since the new one will not be saggy and always pointing at my feet.

I will start chemo after the surgery.

Bad news – which is not really bad but definitely not good news like getting a boob job.  The MRI results showed that my lump now has a friend.  A second lump has crashed the party.  Because my cancer is so aggressive and determined to make my breast the ‘go to hot spot’ for the radical cells to hang out, the surgeon wants to condemn this joint that used to be chest.

I am so impressed with my medical team.  My surgeon has a great sense of humor and seems very accommodating although he nixed the idea of giving me something along the lines of Dolly Parton.


  1. Having just read Plan B, I sit here smiling even though this is of a serious nature. I LOVE your attitude, your sense of humor and your style of writing that holds my interest 200%. You may have found a new calling with a writing career, a writing career that will come from a woman who has had her chest condemned but a woman who’s looking forward to being a perky-appearing teen again. Thank goodness your surgeon put on the brakes at the mention of Dolly. You’d be doing face plants on a regular basis. You’ve met your match with this surgeon, as have the unwanted lumps and the two of you will certainly make up the A team in that operating room. Thanks for the update and we locals will be lining up for our assignments to help you get everything in order.
    Love ‘n hugs!

  2. So glad they are doing surgery first. Believe me it will be a big relief mentally to know that the B@#$% is out! I agree with Pam that your writing is great. Your optimism is shining through. I remember that, in my case, with surgery first, I could SEE something was being done! Hugs!

  3. I too am glad to hear surgery is coming first, but not liking that a houseguest has appeared. That said, your attitude is incredible and you write great. Know that we are her 500% for you.

  4. Love you Geb!
    Yep, you have and will always own your destiny.
    Your team sounds awesome and on the preverbial lumps!
    About those writing skills…dang. I see a movie out of this one. All pets involved.
    You are on your road to recovery and Roy and I are always here for you.
    Lots and lots of love and respect xoxoxooxox

  5. Plan B, hmm never like that we have to change, but you sure have a great plan b. I agree with pam, a new calling, your writing style is fabulous, maybe you should consider it. So funny that the surgeon has a humor too. Glad he is also a tad grounded on the dolly job. As for the new friend, shame on him, we do not invite friends over in cancer, glad they are being evicted.
    Gen, keep up the humor and strength, wish i was closer to be on the home team to help you geet it all in order, but I am here if there is anything I can do to help please let me know, or the aunties know, so i can help. prayers always. hugs, love ya.

  6. Hi, Gen.
    If you had gotten the Dolly Parton look, that would have been a sure-fire way to stop you EVER falling flat on your face in the future. In spite of that set-back though, you go GETTEM, girl. I think it’s great that you like your team ‘cos there’s a fair chance that you’ll be seeing a bit of them over the coming months.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. God Bless.

    You all have a wonderful day. Best wishes. Deas.

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