I have decided to put away my bras and let the girls flop freely for their last days on my body.  I know what you are thinking, why would I be so nice to my boobs after they turned on my and shacked up with cancer?  What can I say, I am a giver.

It is not like I will be jumping on a trampoline or anything.  More mundane activities like grocery shopping for broccoli and other healthy stuff I used to think only hamsters ate.  Seriously, in my ‘better late than never’ attempt to feed my body better, I have eaten more broccoli in the past week than the law should allow.  Just ask my dogs.  Even the pit bulls can’t handle being in my vicinity for too long and those dogs are usually the culprits that clear a room.

Along with the broccoli, I get to sample delicacies like raw almonds, lemon juice, baking soda and raw apple cider vinegar.  Trust me, you have not lived until you have turned yourself in to a human science project and drink lemon juice with baking soda followed by an apple cider vinegar chaser.  Remember those volcanoes kids used to make in high school?  What a ridiculously odd sensation feeling that erupt in your gut.  Blech.

All of this is with the hopes to raise my pH.  Right now it is very low, probably due to the fact my diet used to be based on Lay’s potato chips and Diet Coke.  And bacon.  I miss bacon.

Appointment with the plastic surgeon today….


  1. Oh pul-leassssseeeee. Gen, here’s the deal. You must preface an update like this with a warning, a warning that reads, “DO NOT READ ON A FULL BLADDER”. Thank goodness I was at home. LOL! Like I said before, you need to pursue a career in writing!
    Broccoli, I really don’t like broccoli so I feel your pain. Shame on whoever it was that developed that vegetable. Worse than that, those stinky brussel sprouts! Blech!!!
    I can’t wait for your update after you’ve been to the plastic surgeon. 🙂

  2. Marguerite, I too love broccoli and brussel sprouts! However, when I cook them, alot of olive oil and butter is envolved! Gen, chocolate is GOOD for you. Especially dark, but I say, whatever! I love your blog. I only know you from watching you birthin’ babies–no sound–except that one time! Keep up the good fight–you will win!!

  3. I love reading this blog. Really, Gen, you have a talent in writing, stand up what ever. So funny. I personally like broccoli, the sprouts, no thank you. Looking forward to your next post. Hugs, thanks for the laughs!

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