My plastic surgeon!

Who would have ever thought I would be going to a plastic surgeon?  Not me!  I felt like a fish out of water.  It is a sad day when you are more comfortable going to an oncologist than a plastic surgeon.

Now that I was rubbing elbows with the beautiful people I really wished I had dressed for the occasion.  Somehow my comfy sweats and pink shirt seem tacky.

I am ushered to a exam room and instructed to put on the gown.  By now I am well aware that the opening goes in the front.  The surgeon walks in and says “Hello Mrs Ghilotti, advanced stage breast cancer”  I tell him he can call me Genevieve.  Being referred to as Advanced Stage Breast Cancer kinda freaks me out.  Then he gets down to describing the surgery complete with a magic marker and my boob as the canvas.  After a few minutes of coloring he starts going in to detail about the nitty gritty of slicing and dicing.  I cut him off reassuring him that I am fine with just knowing he has done this kind of thing before and hopefully I will be asleep during the surgery and he won’t be needing me to assist.

Next, he takes photos.  He says I don’t need to smile.  I smiled anyway. 

Now we start looking at new parts for my breasts.  He tells me I have a lot of flesh and I am fairly certain that is an insult but I am still smiling.   Then he reminds me that I will no longer have breasts, I will have mounds.  They will look like breasts under a sweater but when I look at myself naked in the mirror they will just be mounds.  I stopped him right there.  Told him in no uncertain terms do I ever look at myself naked in the mirror!  If I have successfully avoided doing that for the last 15 years why on earth would I start looking when I have mounds?  After that I tuned him out and started day dreaming about Almond Joys.

He tells me my weight might make the surgery/recovery more difficult.  I wished I had eaten broccoli before my appointment so I could make him as uncomfortable as he was making me.  I stopped smiling.

My makeover (OK, double mastectomy) is scheduled for Monday, Feb 11.


  1. With bedside manner like that, Dr. Mounds has got to be an excellent plastic surgeon. (Clearly people aren’t going to him for his personality.)

  2. Mr. Mounds… perfect description. I agree, a man that grumpy undoutedly takes his work very seriously. He will perform a perfect surgery. Very proud of you sister! Love you.

  3. Uh, excuse me Dr. Mounds! I think it comes with the territory. I’ve only met one plastic surgeon and he had zip, nada personality. Onward and upward Gen! 🙂

  4. I have met a lot of surgeons, very few of them have people skills. Most of them have the personality of a flea. So, you are probably in very good hands!

  5. Ahh, Gen, Dr Mounds sounds like a delight. With your wit and humor, you will break him of his dullness. As for the mirror hehehe, too funny, he must not work with many who actually have a normal life but with those who are a tad superficial. Us normals never look at ourself in the mirror.

    Sending Almond Joys your way 🙂 Glad you wernt thinking of mounds 🙂 Feb 11 seems so far off, but at the same time so fast. Hugs.

  6. there is always one bad apple in the team. You will only have to see him a few times though and your treatment does not depend on him. I guess he skipped the class on Bedside manners! Good luck and I hope he does great work. I bet he does not tell the clients who want to enhance their looks that they will have “mounds”. Sheesh!

  7. Out of curiosity, how does it work? Do you have a separate breast surgeon who does his/her thing first and then the plastic surgeon comes in or does Dr. Mounds do it all?

    • Monday will be a morning full of questions.. each doctor and nurse that comes by will ask the same 10 questions…there will be the surgeon, the plastic surgeon, the anesthesiologist, the surgical nurse, the anesthesia nurse, the surgical floor nurse.. you get the picture… over and over sounds fun doesn’t it…

  8. they are just making sure they have the right patient for the right procedure. They did this for me in August for the biopsy and did it for my husband when he had his hip replacement. I’d rather they make sure, triple sure, BEFORE the procedure! Jingling loud and clear from Canada~!

  9. Hi, Gen.
    It’s great to see the positive attitude still hanging in there. Your family and friends also seem to be a tower of strength. Good family and friends are worth their weight in gold at times like this.

    As I have said to Glen, if there is anything that you think I may be able to help with from DowNunder, just ask and I will give it my best shot. And I am already thinking of you both and doing a fair bit of praying.

    You all have a wonderful day. Best wishes. Deas.

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