1. Don’t you dare eat sugar Missy!! Starve cancer…that means ZERO sugar. Nada, zip, zilch, NEIN! I’m sorry, but that is how it has to be for awhile…..{{{Huggies}}}

      • In solidarity gals should eat nothing but broccoli and almonds for a day, I think!
        Some other things you might like are veg chow mein, falafels ARE DELICIOUS, curried veg with brown rice, hot and sour soup, firm tofu with baby bok choy, mushrooms, broccoli and celery…tomato, avocado lettuce sandwich [morningstar farms bacon I love], red beans and spanish rice with a roasted pepper salsa, split pea carrot soup with thyme and dill…Trader Joe’s has a great veg orange chicken- and veg fried rice-and veg hot dogs too, kale LOTS-I like the curly french best [chips are good, remove entire stem, cut into 2″-3″ pieces, a little olive oil -not too little though, massage till covered, spread on baking sheet and sprinkle sea salt, 220 oven till crisp] Sea salt, not mortons, when you use salt always…oatmeal of course with soy milk and a little honey or maple syrup, minestrone,Most of all juice everything and swill, you’ll be surprised how good it tastes…spinach, carrots, celery, beets, apples, berries, etc. [Costco has frozen organic fruit if you’re out of fresh and want a smoothie-I throw in a handful of berries, banana, OJ, nutritional yeast and green algae/spirulina, and a little soy milk. You need magnesium and potassium]. YouTube Max Gerson/Gerson therapy if you’re not familiar.
        There is a fruit at Asian markets called Durian which fights cancer too. All I’m saying is I am weeping at the thought of you eating only broccoli-you’re not gonna be able to maintain that and will develop a raging hatred towards it haha! Keep up the good work and I’ll stifle it… for now ;o}> oh, and throw a couple handfuls of baking soda in bath and stew. ❤

  2. OK then, daaang, it’s in everything….guess ya got almond, coconut or rice milk! They keep ping ponging with soy, I think because so much-80/90%- is GMO these days; animal studies don’t translate to human studies and they’re ramping up the research again to validate the animal studies…many of the studies are financed by the dairy/cattle industry.
    Others find that isoflavinoids block the estrogen. OY! It is dizzying trying to interpret it all as they go back and forth every 3/4 years! European and Asian studies don’t support US findings…there is vehement disagreement on soy, I was reading 7 pages of comments On Neal Barnard’s paper and man are they arguing, but in civilized scientific fashion!

    Some Drs. say fermented, like miso or tempeh, is OK but must be strictly organic-of course. Supplements are the biggest culprit and must be avoided…that is basically the one thing they agree on. Best stay with nuts, grains and fresh juicing. You can get a couple pounds of produce in a glass. Drink a few glasses daily.. Unless they find that pineapples cause mad cow disease!

    You might like lentil, kale, carrot, tomato, potato or quinoa and onion stew with a little cumin, garlic, cilantro and olive oil…Or a gumbo with okra, corn, carrots, onions, quinoa [super protein], black beans, thyme, garlic, smoky paprika, chili powder, olive oil.
    Tomato soup with garlic and dill is good; I use milk but haven’t tried rice milk, wonder how it would work.
    Just trying to think of things you can make and store for later during chemo which will give nutrition in small servings. Be sure to get anti oxidants- organic dried blueberries, cranberries to have available.

    Juice is key, bombard your body with clarity and light…a lot of people really invest in total extraction machines, like the Gerson therapy uses. I’m gonna read more soy arguments…

  3. Oh yumm those look so pink 🙂 .. now really is not the time to worry about what to ea or what not to eat.. you’ll have plenty of time to “change” after chemo…

    Soy is a bit hard to avoid it’s in everything it seems.. but mostly they say (who ever they are) avoid whole as in tofu or soy milk, but then Asian women eat way more soy then and have less breast cancer.. also you being triple negative I’m not sure it’s even relevant..


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