1. … and still smiling!! I’ve been thinking of you all night and am so very relieved. You’re well on your way to giving cancer the boot! xo Lorraine

  2. You make us all smile! Good on you Gen! Now I hope your recovery is speedy. I’ll add my gentle hugs and wish you a peaceful night’s rest. We’ll look forward to seeing you here again tomorrow. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Well I checked in here yesterday and there wasnt another post since Sunday, guess my time difference I didnt check back.. SO happy to see your smile yesterday before surgery and still with one after. I just knew God would answer our prayers seeing you through the surgery and guiding the surgeons to remove all of the bad cancer. You came through with flying colors, looking great, and I bet your humor is still with you. Hope you are resting well. NOW FOLLOW DR ORDERS!!!

    Gentle hugs, love ya.

  4. Your post was at 4 am and you are still smiling! Amazing! You are a strong, strong woman. Keep it up and hope you get to leave the hospital early.

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