A TMI post. Might be a good one to skip!

Very tough night.  I got caught in a nasty cycle of pain, pain med nausea and more pain.  Dr Mounds changed my meds so today will be better and tonight will be restful.

Now for the big news!  Warning, this post will definitely qualify as TMI.  You have been warned.  When I met with Mounds two weeks ago, he described what I would look like post surgery.  Just mounds.  Today at my appointment he did the big unveiling…….I still have ‘accessories’!  He was able to salvage my headlights.  My boobs looks kind of normal, accept for the bruising, dents and Frankenstein stitches.   Dr Mounds can call me fat until the cows come home.  He is very talented and I am in awe of his awesomeness. 

Ready for more TMI?   All of my horsey friends will understand when I explain how exciting bowel movements are after a mare foals or a horse colics.  I do a little poop dance, praying to the poop gods that things are flowing appropriately.   Lets just say that I have not ‘dropped the kids at the pool’ since the surgery.  Doctors are concerned so now I have more meds.  

Alrighty, now that you all know so much more than you bargained for, have a great day!  


  1. Hey Gen,

    Sorry to hear about the rough night… I’m sure the new meds will bring lots of well deserved rest your way. Really cool to hear you like Dr. Mounds work! Yay! As for the rest of the update… water, water and more water. Hot then cold, hot then cold. Keep up the great fight – you are the one who is AWESOME! In awe of you!! Love you!

  2. oh Gen…. he saved the headlights!! That is too funny!!! Glad that, as many people had said, he may not have had great bedside manners, but they were sure his work would be excellent… Happy they were right!
    Doing a poop dance… I understand the problem… painkillers can do that to you… eat lots of fruit… it may help the system get going!!

  3. Careful there Gen.. they might have to “tube” you… lol. all kidding aside. lets just say “been there and done (or not)done that. took almost a week, and it wasn’t fun but look out world when relief comes!! Glad to hear that Dr. Mounds salvaged things!! and hey all is looking “up” i’m sure.. not down. see what a rock star you are! lol. I sure pray the new meds help you. I’m so sorry your in pain. not good.. they need to have sent you home with your bff… and a button to call your bff.. “sigh”. here’s to a better night tonight. Still praying!!

  4. Gen, never TMI! I used to send out updates when my hubby was ill and he said, “You told them I peed?” Yes, I did cause it was important. Poop is important!!! We will all clap when when you do report.

    So glad you have headlights. A friend of mine says she only has boobs when it is cold. Thank God for the headlights.

    I hope the pain and nausea are under control today.

    Lots of love.

  5. Ahh, Gen, we are family of sorts, never TMI. Yep been there, those BFF meds do that to you. Glad they are getting things changed to help get the system flowing appropriatly. Yep those Plastics Docs are amazing. So glad he could save the headlights. Sorry I was MIA, no internet since yesterday, just got it back. Welcome home!! Tina sounds like a perfect nurse. HUgs to you both. Gen listen to your nurse 🙂

  6. If you’re still having trouble with pain meds ask Ferne what they gave her to finally relieve the pain. It took them weeks to find the right drug. Glad your honkers are in good shape!.

  7. TMI…no way! Not only do you have headlights but I’ll bet they’re on “high beam”. I’m glad Dr. Mounds redeemed himself. That means we’ll all forgive him now. TMI #2, figuratively and literally…meds at work. I hope the new Rx has you out of that wretched pain so you can get a good night’s rest.
    Okay, the dance is on Gen! Too bad we don’t have any apples to bring down to you. An apple a day is for real. 😉
    Love ‘n hugs!

  8. That’s what you call TMI? In this part of the world we already would have seen a lot of very graphic photos…
    As for the second issue: lots of fiber and water, and patience. You’ll do great.

  9. Happy for the news that is good. Sorry about the other stuff. David has been on his pain meds for 9 years (hard to believe) and he has had on going problems with well…..poop. He takes Senecot for it and it helps more or less. Bethany takes Miralax for her Hirsprungs and it has been a life saver. Wishing you the best for pain management and happy pooping.

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