Feeling good!

After a couple rough nights I am starting to feel pretty darn good.  All systems go!

Tina has been chauffeuring me around town helping me run errands.  I still have the drain tubes in and have my left arm in a sling so we get some weird looks.  I have amazing self control not to flash people that point & stare.  Self control is only part of it but mostly it is just really difficult given I am still corseted in this contraption that keeps my parts together.

It is really nice to get out and walk around, getting back in a normal routine.  I am constantly amazed at how many breast cancer survivors are out there.   The other day when Tina and I were at Dr Mounds office, a woman in the waiting room introduced herself.  She said she was me 4 months ago.  She was going through chemo but said that after the surgery everything else is cake.  We all know how much I like cake!   Looking forward to chemo, I hope they have chocolate.

Then there are the other folks.  The ones who feel a desperate need to tell me that they have so many friends and relatives that have died from breast cancer and it was such a horrible, painful way to die.  Seriously?  Don’t these people know I am going to have cake?  To these strangers I just smile, shrug and don’t respond.  Let them think the surgeons removed my ears along with my breasts.  I just don’t hear them.

Tuesday is tube removal day. 


  1. Gen, so happy to hear all systems are a go, and that you are better pain managed. Yep no doubt those other people should know you are having cake 🙂 Glad you are able to get back to some normal routine, its always good to be “normal” yeah for tube removal, so when can you take a real shower, now thats the best day. Take care, hugs.

  2. oh good I can stop dancing and prancing!!
    Gen, ignore the negative “helping” people. There are so many positive posts and supportive replies everywhere you have posted. It is wonderful to see how much support you have!

  3. Yep cake for you! I would hope it would be chocolate. S type too! it must have felt wonder to be albe to get some rest and get out today. Tina is a rock star also for being there for you and helping. I know your looking forward to tube removal day. that will be a good day for sure. As for the people who talk and say the dumbest things, to them i say, well you obviously don’t know Gen!! Yep, you have this beat. no doubt about it. Keep smilin and showing the world that your a champ.

  4. Mmm, cake & chocolate. I’ll happily deliver whatever kind you want. Just say when! Happy to hear that all systems are a go and you are getting out & about.

  5. “Pretty darn good”. Beautiful words and we’ll take it. The fresh air therapy was good too except for the fools with the stupid mouths. You know what we all say about “stupid”. Yes, you’re definitely a cake person and cake it shall be. Which one shall I whip up? I see this isn’t the only offer but you can never have enough cake. 😉 Big hugs to you and to Tina too.

  6. **waits to hear about the tube removal** : | Did anyone tell Gen just how far in those tubes are.. ugh.. “you’ll feel a little tug” they told me…LOL.. I thought he pulled out my left lung with it.. ; ) (my doom and gloom for the day)

    The doom and gloom crowd are hopeless.. I never understood why they felt it necessary to explain how terrible their so-and-so had it… I wish I had the nerve to have said ” thanks for your concern but I’m not dying form this dumbass” **smile sweetly**

  7. Those negative Nellies are obviously jealous that you are having cake and they aren’t. Pay no attention to them. You are kicking ass and you have a lot of people in your corner. Even those you haven’t met, like me (mini-Judy from Canada). 🙂

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