Got Ink? I do!

My very first tattoo.  Somehow I always imagined there would be mass quantities of alcohol to go along with my first tat.  No such luck.

I had an appointment Friday with the radiation oncologist.  I was scheduled to get a CT scan and discuss the plan for treatment.  Must have been my lucky day because I got a bonus.   The radiation requires that I have a special form made for my body, so that was done while I was in the CT room.  Then the tech said he had to make some marks on me.  No worries, I am well aware of how the white coats love to color.  He told me it might sting a little.  I wondered what kind of marker he was using that would sting.  Holy crap!  Before I knew it I was a marked woman.  Literally, marked with a tattoo.  He told me I was going to get 5 more.  I asked for a shot of tequila.  He did not even smile.

Never again will I tease Mounds about doodling on my chest.  At least he just uses a Magic Marker not a tattoo gun.  

My journey through the wild, wacky world of breast cancer has now entered the land of the glow.  I am about to become my very own nightlight.  I start giggling when I realize with my bald head and special radiation glow, I will look like a super sized Glow Worm doll like my kids had when they were young.  

I will have 5 weeks of radiation and then more chemo.   My hair is finally starting to come in.  Nifty little peach fuzz that will fall out again in a few months.  My eyebrows have decided to come back grey.  Really?  Looks like my follicles have a sense of humor.


  1. Yep, I’m an inked woman as well 🙂 No alcohol involved either. 6 marks eh – please don’t ever ask them to connect the dots! When you start to glow we won’t have any trouble seeing you in the stall at night 😉

    Best to you for the following treatments. You have always known that bald was beautiful but grey is ok too.

    Love and hugs………..Judy

  2. I agree, I did not like the tattoos either. It’s just a little dot here and there, but it did hurt… Sorry, but I did not glow in the dark or otherwise!! Radiation was not bad compared to chemo… it’s just the going every day, 5 days a week, for 5 weeks that got to be old… but it did not take more than 10 minutes each time, unless they had to check and readjust something.
    And my hair did come back grey (and very curly) as well, and I started dyeing it then… I was not ready to go grey at 50!
    Ask if there are any approved cream that you can apply to help prevent the burns. They only let me use the cream after the burns started (and only one kind of Polysporin too).
    I will never understand why people want these huge tattoos, the little dots hurt enough…
    Good luck on this next phase of the journey!

  3. Yep, that would be one heck of a surprise! Really proud of your continued great attitude and sense of humor! Love you sista and hoping the radiation isn’t too uncomfortable. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Suzanne

  4. You continue to amaze me, here’s to being ‘C’ free in 2014…
    Think of you often sending ongoing goods energies and prayers..

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