Radiation week!

Radiation week!

Radiation Week – kind of like Shark Week without the ocean.
I am three treatments in to my 25 on the schedule. So far, it has been a walk in the park. Maybe more of an amusement park. The machine is cool, it spins and rotates, the table moves & wiggles. The two techs that prep & nuke me are nice. I am assuming they will be sending me flowers and likely I am on their Christmas card lists since they fondle me daily. I was actually considering getting “Property of Redwood Regional Medical Group” tattooed on my chest. After all, it is no longer mine.
I had my little ‘Radiation Teach’ meeting yesterday. My daughters went with me. Radiation has a much smaller list of side effects than chemo. Love that. I prefer to think of it as tanning. Every day I have to go to the tanning booth for 5 weeks. That makes me feel normal. OK, normal if I lived in Jersey.
Busy weekend ahead. My son and his family are coming for a visit. Baby Gwen cuddle time! Also, there is a big fundraiser for the animal shelter that I am proud to be a Board member of. It is called the Rooster Booster and it is going to be a blast. Great food, drinks, raffles, auctions and animals! What could be better?
Have a wonderful weekend everybody.


  1. Well that sure sounds much more funner than chemo! I’ll bet they don’t recommend sunscreen do they! Still sending much love and hugs………Judy

  2. Flowers and cards? Geesh, they better add some chocolate to that list too! Wink, wink! Enjoy your family time and little Gwen cuddles.
    Love ‘n hugs,

  3. Hi, Gen.
    It’s good to hear that the radiation is easier to take than the chemo and that you are still keeping a positive outlook on the whole show. I think about you and your family quite a lot but don’t get here to post as much as I would like.

    Keep on keeping on, Lady. You are a precious commodity in today’s troubled world.

    You all have a wonderful day. Best wishes. Deas Plant.

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