Radiation sucks

Just about half way through the radiation treatments.   Starting to dread the daily sessions.  The blistering is so painful and it is difficult to find a comfortable position for my left arm.  I have been tempted to hack it off just to keep it from rubbing on my radiation ravaged arm pit, side and what used to be my breast.   For some reason when the doctor was describing the whole process, using terms like ‘pin pointing the beam’ & ‘localized treatment’, I envisioned a very small effected area.  Heck no!  I have a 10×10 square of red, sore, oozy blistered flesh.  Makes me very grumpy.

Only a few more weeks to go.  Then I get to prepare for more chemo.

Good news is that my hair is really coming in quickly now.  Bad news is that the hair is coming in everywhere on my body.  Not quite sure why my body thinks I need a beard now.  Yep, a beard.  Not that pretty, silky soft downy type fuzz.  I have enough facial hair now that I could style it if I ever decided to embrace this new look.



  1. you are the strongest person i know. i am working on plan to get up there Sat…. love you and can’t wait to see you soon!!!

  2. Hang in there, Gen! I don’t think there’s anyone else I know who is nearly as strong as you are. I hate that you’re hurting so badly, and I really hate how unfair this whole thing has been. Meanwhile, huge (but very gentle) hugs are coming your way!

  3. Awww Gen. Sucks indeed and we can only imagine what you’re going through. Grumpy is acceptable…the hair, well, let me get back to you on that one. 😉 Good thoughts, love and hugs going your way.

  4. It does suck….one day at a time, one day at a time….thoughts and prayers from your IN contingent!

    Chris and Catharine

  5. Oh wow that does ‘suck’, you are soo entitled to ‘grumpy’ at the very least, just imagine your army of supporters with you each day going to that dreaded appointment, we are all with you!!!
    Thank you for the update, you are truly amazing!!

  6. Gen, thinking of you. I am sorry this whole ordeal has been so hard on you… radiation is supposed to be the “easy” part. Ugh… I can’t wait for 2013 to be over for your sake!

  7. oh Gen, I am so sorry you have to face this, you do not deserve it at all. Wish we could take it away. Grumpy is completely allowed. You definitely have an army of supporters keeping all the positive thoughts and keeping you strong.

    Gentle Hugs! You are Amazing!

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