Change of plans

Alrighty then.   No chemo yet.  I have to wait two weeks.   I have not healed from the surgery yet.   Actually I was healing quite well until yesterday when one of my nipples decided to abandon ship.  Yes, I know, so gross.  Lefty is sloughing off and bleeding like a stuck pig.  There is also quite a bit of swelling.  My boobs are bigger now than they were before they got chopped off.  I go back to Dr Mounds tomorrow morning and hopefully he can coax lefty in to sticking around.

My oncologist is good.  He gave me my schedule and told me everything I never wanted to know about the chemo experience.   He described the Chemo Suite.  Yep, I will get a suite.  Sweet.   I will be receiving an aggressive cocktail called AC-T every two weeks.   I am feeling much more at ease with the whole process now.

Thank you all for the words of encouragement and support.   My daughter Jennilee went with me today.  She is going to be my copilot more frequently now.  Tina is out of town helping her sister in law Carrie.



  1. Oh dear, a nip slip extraordinaire!! I am continuing to send good, healing thoughts your way. Just another little blip on your journey to full recovery!

  2. oh, can’t help you there…. hopefully Dr. Mounds can fix it! I hate this, when you get mentally ready for something and it does not happen… Hugs!!

  3. Well then, You visit with Dr. Mounds tomorrow in your warm fuzzy slippers! Sorry for this little ‘slip’ but maybe you will be more than ready in 2 weeks to start this journey. Hugs.

  4. Ok.. see talk about chemo I can join your party.. ACT check, every two weeks check.. so glad to see the are doing Dose Dense… gives the cancer cells less time to possibly grow back, but it also gives you less time to feel better BUT it also means instead of a 6 month course of chemo you will have a 4 month course..

    4 courses of AC , then 4 of T

    A- Adriamycin (Red Devil) who would have thought you would want the Devil on your side.. As an FYI it is red and makes you pee red.. this is also the hard stuff that makes your hair fall out..
    T-Taxol .. the point where your hair starts to grow back..

    It totally SUCKS that you have to wait more.. this is a roller coaster I wish you were not on..

  5. I agree with Angie that this roller coaster sucks. I also agree with Judy that you’ll be more prepared in two weeks with all this knowledge that’s now under your bonnet. So, it’s re-group time, time for Dr Mounds to weave his magic and time to heal totally to proceed. Okay. Lots of hugs enclosed. 🙂

  6. Sorry about the slip. I am so happy that you were given information on what will be happening next. Here’s to speedy healing.

  7. See, either I was never told or probably I never asked, but I don’t even know what I was given. The red devil for sure…
    Hope everything goes smoothly from now on.

  8. Well Shame on lefty abandoning ship. Dr mounds will hopefully save lefty. I am glad you have more information about the chemo, I am sure it did put you at ease, but maybe a tad more info then you wanted. Many prayers for Dr mounds and lefty to get back with the program. Hugs, you are such a strong woman and this little glitch will be over quick. Hold on the ride can be a tad bumpy.

  9. Sorry about the slip on the ship Gen, but at least you are armed with more info & will be stronger when chemo does start. Hopefully Dr Mounds can rescue lefty. Still, and always, sending jingles & hugs.

  10. Hi, Gen.
    Sorry I have not been able to post here for a while as we have been having internet connection issues and Internet Explorer is being a PITA – doesn’t seem to like this site now so I have installed Mozilla Firefox.

    Tell Lefty that abandoning ship without an official order is classed as desertion and make it clear what the penalty is for that.

    Lady, I KNOW that chemo can be a bitch ‘cos I saw my son go through it but I sure hope that it goes way more easily for you.

    It’s great to see all the support and good will that you are receiving here. I guess they already know that you are worth every bit of it so I don’t need to tell THEM but I would suggest that YOU never forget it. Give this cancer hell, Lady.


    You have a wonderful day. Best wishes. Deas.

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