Hair cut time!

Hair cut time!

This morning I decided to get my hair cut short so it won’t be so drastic when it starts to fall out. It feels good to have short hair. It will not be so bad when it falls out. The chemo bonus is no longer needing to shave my legs! Nice.


  1. Don’t bank on not shaving your legs… I still had to! no hair, no eye brows… but I still had to shave!! Love your new look!! It was strange!

  2. What a beautiful cut! You have such a gorgeous face, you will are stunning with or without hair. Love you. sp

  3. oops… noticed my typo… sorry – you ARE stunning with or without hair:-). Typing too fast! You are awesome Genevieve. Wish i could be there Wednesday. Lots of love and big hugs. sp

  4. It looks great, Gen! Another silver lining, according to my mother-in-law and her friend (who both went through chemo at the same time) — you get to slide right back in to your skinny jeans. Both ladies still joke about how fabulous they looked in clothes during their chemo year, and good for them I say!!

  5. I highly recommend after treatments when your hair starts to grow back.. dye it.. I had black and blond and dark it was fun and hey it’s only hair ; )

    • Did yours come back curly like a little lamb??? My husband’s aunt always had straight hair and at that time, she was little lamb. so curly. Mine has always been curly and did not change much. But it came back salt and pepper… I started to dye it…

      • It came back just like it went out..mouse brown ..blah.. I was hoping for something different ; ).. that’s why I had fun coloring it instead..

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