Chemo – my new Wheaties!

Chemo - my new Wheaties!

This morning I am enjoying a delightful cocktail of nifty cancer fighting drugs. Sitting here in the chemo suite, nice comfy chair, warm blanket listening to an audio book on my Kindle and wearing my tranquileyes mask. Life is good.
The ‘red devil’ has been administered. It burned like bugger going in but I sucked it up and did not wimper. Much.
It is weird how many things already smell and taste different Jennilee and Tina brought me some saltine crackers and pH water to enjoy while I hang out here for a few hours.


  1. Been thinking of you am continuing to send cancer-fighting vibes your way. Now visualize that red devil (adriamycin, I’m assuming?) hunting down any stray cancer cells and kicking their asses. It is a powerful weapon for sure!!

  2. Get ’em Gen! I hope those saltines are hitting the spot and I wish the same for the Red Devil as it destroys any loitering bad cells.
    Huge hugs!

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