Round 2

Round 2

A little monkey wrench thrown in my plans. I came home yesterday and turned into hurl girl. Seriously. So much for chemo being cake. I have never tasted cake like that before.
My oncologist called me last night and was disappointed I was throwing up. He told me to come in this morning for fluids and new meds. He also said my liver values are very high. So now I back at the chemo suite getting fluids.
They are concerned about the liver issues but are hoping it was a side effect of the anesthesia from the port placement.
They will keep an eye on it. The nurse did mention that it could be the breast cancer spread to the liver but I decided that was not the problem.


  1. Hey Sista! That nurse should learn to keep her negative comments to herself. I’m sure it’s just from the anesthesia. Can’t wait until you can have real cake again!

  2. Love and prayers. So glad your team is looking out for you. Sorry about that Nurse. It is alot on the body, strong medicine, strong reaction. Hopfully any remainning cells are dying and feel way worse than you do.

  3. Yep from this nurse to your chemo nurse “time for you to go work in some other profession”!!!
    Glad they got you back in right away for hydration and new meds, and are keeping close watch of everything, you are in good hands Gen with your doctors…
    Here’s to a better nausea/hurl free restful day!! Sending positive healing energies!!

  4. Bummer about the hurling and that silly nurse. On to better things today starting with that hydration. I hope that real tasty cake will be in the your near future. Jingles from all of us “the ranch” and as usual…
    Love ‘n hugs!

  5. I’m glad they brought you back in so quickly to get you on the right track. Just be thankful you weren’t hurling the cake 😉 Got the Auntie Power cranked up and sending mega Canadian hugs 🙂

  6. I am not mad at the nurse. She is excellent and has been so helpful throughout the process. If there is a chance that this SOB has spread, I want to know. Hopefully the next blood tests show that the # is coming down. If not, then more tests to find the cause. One day at a time.

  7. I am so sorry for the bad day yesterday. What your dealing with is tough but hurling to. 😦 I am praying that nothing has spread except the dead cancer cells. they can line up and fall over by the hands full. I hope you feel better after the hydration today. Get some rest too.

  8. Ahh Gen, Hugs, nothing like a hurling day, that really sucks. Glad they are hydrating you quick. Keep up the positive attitude, just know those cancer cells were hurling too and dying off.

    love ya, hugs

  9. If it’s any consolation, I had very wonky liver values just from taking Aleve and a multivitamin, and it took a month to clear. I hope you are feeling better, and remember, whatever the cocktail is doing to you, it is also doing to any cancer cells… only worse.

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