I am a Grandma!

I am a Grandma!

The highlight of my week was welcoming my very first grandchild to the family! My son and his wife are the proud parents of this adorable little one, Gwen.

This was a week that needed a bright spot. I have not had an easy time with the chemo and have been battling the dreaded side effects. Finally, today I am feeling as close to my ‘old self’ as I have since the treatment. I intend to enjoy every moment of this weekend and get my mind & body ready for the next round of chemo on Tuesday morning. It is going to be a little tougher walking through the doors to the chemo suite knowing what the side effects are but I also think that now I know what to expect I will be able to better prepare myself for the nausea etc by staying ahead of the game with my newly stocked arsenal of meds.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Congrats Grannie!!! Gwen is so beautiful!!!! Enjoy your well deserved, feeling good weekend! Love ya, sp

  2. She is beautiful Gen…Welcome to the Grandma’s Club..!!!!! So glad your feeling better and prayers with you to stay strong!!

  3. Welcome to the Grandma world! She is just adorable. Sending jingles that you can stay ahead of that dreaded nausea this week. Love and hugs…….Judy

  4. She’s getting even cuter by the minute. I just want to squeeze her in that soft little “ensemble”. I’m happy for you for this bright spot in your week. Lots of energy is in gear to wish you a much better go of it for this next treatment.
    Love ‘n hugs!

  5. Congrats Gen, being a Grandma I hear is the best. She is absolutly adorable. I know you will enjoy spoiling her.
    Best of Luck this week, may you avoid the side effects, just keep seeing Gwens sweet face, it will make everything so much better. HUgs.

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