Lovin Life!

Lovin Life!

Enjoying every minute of the days before I start back up with the cancer battle. Sunday was a gorgeous day, both my daughters joined me on a wonderful ride on the beach. I am really enjoying riding horses again and am so fortunate to live in such a lovely county where there are so many beautiful trails and beaches.
Tomorrow I have an appointment with Mounds to iron out all of the details regarding the procedures and surgeries. I am certain I will regret all of the over indulging during the holidays when Mounds examines me and wants to start coloring on my abdomen. Cringe.


  1. Yay!!! What a blast and so well deserved! You all look awesome and so happy! Can’t wait to ride with you again sista… promise I won’t make Tucker buck again:-) Love you and good luck with Mounds. It will all go super smooth for you… this is your year to celebrate! Home stretch sista. Have fun, Suzanne

  2. And I so love that you are out riding and enjoying life! You have deserved such a great break!
    All the best with Dr. Mounds and his markers. Cheering you on all the way.

    Love and hugs………..Judy

  3. So glad you have had so much wonderful down time, enjoying all of these wonderful rides. Best of luck with the wonderful “cheery” Dr Mounds. I know he will work his magic. This will be a Great year, an end to all of this, definitely the home stretch! Prayers and hugs

  4. Three gorgeous smiles riding three beautiful horses. The return to riding has been the best of all meds and yes, you’re right Gen. We live in the best area that affords so many outdoor activities. Hey! We all should have gone with you today so dear Dr. Mounds could have seen a true over indulgence across the board. Solidarity!!! Here’s to a year of adventures for 2014 and to shutting the door on this battle that will become past tense.
    Love ‘n hugs!

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