First surgery of the year is over.

First surgery of the year is over.

Last week I went in for the surgery that was the prep for the big one in two weeks.
All went well, got to go home the same day as the surgery. I was a little surprised at just how big the incision is though. I was expecting a little two inch cut on my abdomen. Nope. The incision is basically from hip to hip just under my belly. You skinny ladies will not know how uncomfortable this is. I have a belly. I call her Muffy, short for Muffin Top. We are old friends, I have known Muffy most of my adult life. The suture line is in that crease underneath Muffy.
Mounds also gave Righty an upgrade. He took out the tissue expander and replaced it with a boob much nicer than the original. Score! I am half stacked now. I have one tit and one pit.
The big surgery is scheduled for early Feb. This one will relocate Muffy north to my pit. It involves tunneling and removing rib sections. How gross is that? Glad I will be asleep.
I had an appointment with Mounds this morning to check the incisions and pull a few stitches. He also marveled at his handy work with Righty. He commented on what a beautiful breast is was and then took a photo. I wonder if Mounds has children or if he just carries around a wallet full of breast photos? He acted like a proud papa. Whatever, the man is a genius.
I have been ordered to take it easy for the next two weeks so I will be ready for surgery. No more horseback riding, no swimspa, no lifting more than 5lbs, no stairs. That should be easy…….


  1. I know this is serious stuff,but you had me giggling the whole way. I am just so glad you kept your sense of humour during this ordeal. Wishing you the best for the next step. Then, back on a horse, back in the swim spa, etc.

  2. That’s one heck of an incision but maybe outdone by the artwork of Dr.Mounds on Righty. His genius status is intact and he’s set to team up with you again to move Muffy. Check! We’ll all be rooting you on and it’ll be a celebratory day when it’s back up on Tucker. I noticed the word “ordered” in your instructions for the next two weeks. Me thinks Dr. Mounds is on to you. 😉 All good thoughts are going your way Gen with lots of love and hugs.

  3. I may be late to reading this, but I too had a good laugh, the visions of Dr mounds wallet, OMG too funny. Ok, I too think he is on to you missy, glad he ordered you to be good ahead of time, maybe that will prepare you to continue to orders after the big day.

    Yep, lots of prayers going, keeping your humor in tact sure keeps us all laughing with you. Soon you will be back in the saddle and there will be nothing to stop you from staying there.


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