Pain sucks.

Pain sucks.

People are going to look at me and think my last name is Cullen. I have a very pasty complexion today. I wonder if I go out in the sunlight if I will sparkle like Edward. Hmmmm. Obviously I have been watching Twilight while on bed rest.
It has been a rough weekend. I knew all along the recovery for this surgery was not going to be rainbows and butterflies. I knew it was going to be difficult. I have to be honest, difficult hurts like heck.
After the surgery they installed a pain pump that kept my abdomen fairly numb. That pain pump ran dry last night. I had no idea what a good friend that little bugger was. That old saying ” you don’t miss it till it’s gone” comes to mind.
The Oxycodone has been a solid friend, but is the kind of wild friend that you can’t spend too much time with or someone will end up in cuffs. I think last night I might have double dosed, it is all a blur. I went on a crazy trip where my house was flooding, water pouring from the ceiling, I was running around like a mad woman screaming for help but I could no longer speak. Yep, I did all that without ever leaving my chair or waking up the dogs. Note to self…have Tina or Jennilee regulate the drugs.
Another issue has appeared. I have numbness in my right leg from the knee down. I can’t feel my foot. It is like the whole foot has been shot up with Novocaine. People that know me are probably shocked that I just used the ‘f’ word twice (I hate feet. Foot & feet are definitely 4 letter words). Poor Tina actually had to touch mine. I know she was nervous and wary when she started massaging my foot knowing full well that normally I would have launched her across the room for even coming near that appendage. The massage helped and feeling began to return. It remains at the ‘asleep’ stage now. I guess this is due to a pinched nerve or something and will resolve when I can eventually stand and sit up straight.. For now Mounds wants me walking stooped over like a little old lady.
Poor Tina had to do a bandage change today. Luckily for her she had Jennilee here to assist. Now my daughters got to meet Muffy up close and personal. My poor daughters will be scarred for life. I am lucky to have them.
Back to The Walking Dead marathon. I wonder what would happen is I double dosed and watched that. Probably best I don’t find out.


  1. Oh man, I’m so sorry Gen! Pain totally does suck. Don’t suppose they’ll refill that friendly pain pump so you don’t have to take the hallucinogenic pills?

    Although maybe they’re actually making you psychic instead. Did you know mom & dad’s bedroom ceiling caved in last night, due to a leaky roof? Yep! And you saw it all in your nighttime madness.,,

    Let me know if you’d like company…


    Flyn Wall RITA 445 hi

  2. Oh nooooo, the “f” word. Not ever from you. Hopefully you will be able to handle more massages to bring back the feeling in that “f”. Next we will hear that you have had a pedicure LOL!
    So sorry you have to endure the awful pain. It really does suck! Pain management is tough.
    The girls are awesome! Let them look after you and your pills.
    Sending mucho love and gentle healing hugs from your Crazy Canadian 🙂

  3. Love you so much. Home stretch Gen. All this misery will be in the rear view mirror in a matter of weeks. Hang in there. You are so strong and remain a constant source of inspiration. Please let me know if there is anything I can do from down south… so grateful you have raised amazing kids that are right by your side. It is a testament to who you are. Love you so much. I’ll try you again tomorrow. Hope you get some really good, peaceful rest in the days to follow. xoxoxoo Sp

  4. Oh Genevieve. I know it’s bad when you can throw around those “f” words without a second thought. I’ll know you’re on the way out of this when the “f” subject becomes a word you won’t utter…anywhere. Seriously,a few days after surgery is the absolute worst so it’s got to be uphill from here. Your girls are such sweethearts and all of you as team Genevieve will get you past this hurdle. Love and hugs are included in this post and I look forward to so much better days for you.

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