Graphic Photo Alert!

Graphic Photo Alert!

Pride is over rated. In fact it is one of the first things to go when diagnosed with breast cancer. Obviously it is not the first thing to go… the breasts are the first to go. Pride left shortly after.
Here is a lovely photo that was taken about 4 days post surgery. My poor belly was still pretty swollen, there are spiffy drain tubes poking out in several places. You also get to see a glimpse of Muffy in her penthouse. I have an adorable new belly button and below that an impressive line of sutures that goes from hip to hip.
I am healing well. A couple hiccups in the recovery, but other than that I am doing good. Still incredibly sore and have very little energy. The whole ‘no lifting more than 5 lb’ rule is just plain silly. Everything weighs more than 5 lbs!
All of the drains have been pulled, special tape added to my sutures for reinforcing.
There have been so many doctor appointments since the surgery. On one of my recent visits I was informed that I get to have a colonoscopy. Ick. Double ick. The idea of what happens during that procedure is creeping me out. They want to put that thing where? Shudder. Apparently the prep is suppose to be the worst part. Doubtful. The prep is done in my home in the privacy of my bathroom. The procedure is another story. Oh well, time to put on my big girl panties (oh wait, I think I have to take those off) and just have the darn thing done. I think I am only allowed clear fluids while prepping. Vodka is clear, right?


  1. Muffy is looking pretty darn good up in the penthouse! So what size beer bottle are you lifting that weighs over 5 lbs? All those little dogs must weight over 5 lbs. Go carefully. As for that next procedure? Piece of cake. I’ll bet most of your friends have had one. And we all survived.
    Still sending all the good Canadian vibes I can muster to help you heal well.

    Love and hugs…………The Crazy Canadian

  2. No. Seriously. The prep for the colonoscopy is way worse than the procedure. You have to drink a gallon or so of this really yucky tasting stuff and stay close to a bathroom while what remains in your colon and intestines leaves your body via projectile….well, you get the picture. Before the procedure you will get this nice twilight sedation which really makes it much more pleasant than the prep. Sending good and healing thoughts your way.

  3. Confirmed…”that” procedure is nothing. You’ll walk away wondering what all the fuss was about. As far as the five pound weight limit is concerned, the last time I checked, neither pizza, champagne nor chocolate weighs that much. 🙂 Problem solved. Dr. Mounds is quite the seamstress and in keeping on the humor side, it occurred to me that if he’d been around when Humpty Dumpty fell off that wall, he would have been put back together with no problem.
    Many good thoughts headed your way Gen to lessen that soreness and beef up the energy.
    Love and hugs!

  4. From a medical perspective that is really nice work, wtg Dr. M..
    The GI prep isn’t as bad as it used to be actually, the procedure is forgetful especially since your not awake, after all you’ve been thru a colonoscopy will be a piece of cake… 🙂

  5. You are a source of inspiration Gen Each time I read your blog I am inspired to try and be as strong as you are, and with the sense of humor you pocess!! You so need to write a book!!!! The colonoscopy… I fought going till a few months ago ( I’m 58…daughter finally convinced me to go) and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it really is…and what a fantastic nap!!!

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