1. You are going to do great!!! I just know it!! You are a beautiful warrior!! Brigitte Bardot on the outside; Michonne the zombie slayer on the inside. (P.S. If you don’t know who Michonne is, you must google her. She is the toughest, coolest broad on TV.)

  2. You rock Gen! Here’s to the last of all this week’s appointments. Check! I love the comment about the nurse being so nice AND that she gave you prescriptions. Set your “warrior” (thanks Lorraine) self loose on Wednesday and take no prisoners. 🙂
    Love ‘n hugs!

  3. You are the best sista! Yep, the look is seriously Brigette Bardot (so awesome – that determination and concentration!) on the outside and Michonne on the inside (Die sucka… last we will be seeing you.). To all, let it be known, the game will begin Wednesday – the absolute, hands down winner is Gen… no contest. You’ve got this. Love you, sp

  4. @ thumbs up for pills… the first treatment is only the hardest because of the unknown.. after that you’re racing to the end… Be aware that everything you do know getting ready for chemo will change after the first treatment, your likes and dislikes in food or beverage will change.. drink plenty of water / fluids before each treatment to help flush it out of your kidneys..

  5. Gen, you are just amazing. Lorraine said it best, you are a Warrior, and Wed, you will unleash your power. SO proud to call you friend!
    Love ya hugs

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